The Best Ways to Store Your Bike

The Best Ways to Store Your Bike

Organize your bike storage

You've invested a lot of money into your bicycle. The last thing you want is your bike leaning precariously along the garage wall - or worse, the hallway of your home. Regardless of where you store your bike, we recommend that it is inside and not exposed to the elements. However, there are many creative solutions for storing your bike no matter what kind of space you have available. Read on to find the best ways to store your bike in your home or garage.

Bike Hoist

This is one of the more complicated ways to store a bike, but it does utilize a storage area that is often empty. A bike hoist lifts up your bike into the rafters with a pully system. You hook in the handlebars and seat and slowly lift the bike by pulling on a rope. If you have a garage with high ceilings (and one that you couldn't reach a mount on) this might be the perfect storage solution for you.

Ceiling Mounts

If floor space is limited, then another way to take advantage of store space up above is a ceiling mount. Ceiling mounts store your bike upside down by a means of hooks. The one disadvantage of ceiling mounts is it requires precise placement of hooks - that will not be universally used by all bikes. However, some ceiling mounts today are made with adjustable hooks so you're not stuck with a fixed measurement.

Wall Mounts

Don't want to reach up to the ceiling to store your bike? Check out the wide variety of wall mounts. A bike simply leaned against the wall is prone to falling, but a wall mount keeps the bike parallel to the wall while eliminating that risk. With a wall mount, hooks on the top tube keep the bike up off the ground and securely in place. Oftentimes, two wall mounts can fit on a wall on top of each other.

Gravity Stands

For those in a rental, or wary of drilling into walls, gravity stands can give your bike a secure place to rest. They can often house more than one bike and keep the bike off the ground. They are adjustable and flexible - and can frequently be moved.

Floor Stands

When we talk about floor stands, we're not talking about the old school fixed metal racks from your primary school days. Floor stands today often prop up a bike by its rear hub. Floor stands like this make use of the gap between the frame and the hub, and often work with both road and mountain bikes.


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