Ten Cycling Training Tips

Ten Cycling Training Tips

Make the most of summer training

Summer is here and with it the most ideal period for training. Make the most of this summer with developing a clear plan for your training. You may be able to get pretty fit just by winging your training, but following a few simple training tips will help you take your cycling to a whole new level.

#1 Create a Plan

We've all heard the saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Unfortunately, this old adage proves true when it comes to cycling training. With a plan in hand you will be able to achieve some pretty remarkable milestones. At the start of your summer, sit down to create a plan for each week to help move you toward your goals.

#2 Be OK with Scrapping the Plan

OK, we know #2 contradicts #1. However, you may end up in a world of trouble or hurt if you're not willing to hold your plans at least a little bit loosely. You might be planning to do 20 minutes of pyramid intervals, but if your legs feel like you've spent the last few days building a pyramid it might not be a good choice. Take the day to just spin, and then hit it hard tomorrow. Don't use your plan to beat yourself up.

#3 Ride at both Extremes

Once a week, challenge yourself to ride so hard that even your eyes hurt. On another day each week, ride so slow your grandma could pass you two times over. This combination will help you make your legs strong.

#4 Follow Your (Not the Group's) Instincts

Groups can be great for added motivation and giving you that extra push to go the extra mile. However, you still need to listen to your instincts. Constantly getting trashed by king-of-the-mountain contests is not going to do you any favors. If you can't resist the competition, consider riding solo instead of with the group.

#5 Do What Hurts

You may hate climbs because it's hard. However, you should climb because it's good for you. Just remember to space going hard with easier workouts.

#6 Increase Skills, not Just Miles

Instead of trying to just log more miles, seek focused rides and workouts to improve your skills. Intervals, cadence rides and other specific workouts progressively challenge your body in different ways from week to week. Each ride you take should have a goal and purpose.

#7 Don't Forget the Work Off the Bike

Visiting the gym twice a week can make a world of difference. Focus on strengthening your core and other stabilizing muscle groups. Be sure on gym days (and ride days!) you don't forget to stretch. Keeping your supporting muscles strong and joints flexible can help you avoid an achy back, tight hip flexors and other overuse pains that can weaken even the strongest cyclist.

#8 Train Your Brain Too

Your brain is an equal partner with your body! Use positive thinking and visualization to help you get over those toughest hurdles toward your goals.

#9 Fuel Your Body

Your nutrition is paramount to your training! However, there is no one size fits all nutrition plan. There are many products available because everybody's body is different. There are dozens of different energy concoctions you can try.

#10 Enjoy Yourself!

You likely already have a job - you don't need to turn cycling into one as well. Make sure above all else that you're enjoying the ride. Not enjoying it anymore? Time to change up your training routine.

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