Share the love of cycling

Share the love of cycling

Who will you share the love of cycling with?

We don't have to convince you of the wonders and benefits of cycling - of the positive impact on your fitness, on your happiness, on your environment. You know both the health and the joy that cycling brings. However, this month we would like to challenge you to share the love of cycling with someone close to you. It could be your kid that's just getting old enough to master being on two wheels, it could be a friend from work who might join you on your morning commute, or a spouse you could hit the trails with.

Now if you are first introducing the love of cycling, what kinds of bikes should you be looking at? What are good bikes for someone new to the sport of cycling? Check out some of our favorite bikes for sharing the love of cycling below.

Hybrid Bikes

Due largely to their practicality, hybrid bikes are often the best-selling style of bike. Hybrids are great for both the seasoned rider and the beginner cyclist. These bikes have features from both road and mountain bikes. They tend to be a bit more comfortable to start on than a road bike, and are also able to handle a wider variety of surfaces. For someone looking to ride around town or for fitness, a hybrid is a great place to start.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are similar to hybrids, but are slightly more comfort-oriented. The upright-style of cruisers make them easy on the body, and they often feature padded seats that baby your bottom and thick tires that can roll over road debris without succumbing to punctures. While you do give up speed with cruisers, they will ensure your comfort while you cruise throughout your city and neighborhood. If your beginner cyclist is looking for light daily use for exercise and errand-running, or leisure rides on the weekend, a cruiser may be the right bike.

Comfort Bikes

Comfort bikes are an offshoot of hybrid bikes and feature a design that puts your comfort at a premium while still allowing travel in neighborhoods and on city streets. Similar to many hybrid bikes, comfort bikes offer padded seats and upright handlebars. Their frames are stretched more than hybrids, so the pedals are slightly further forward, allowing the seat to be slightly lower. Having the seat lower enables riders to place their feet flat on the ground when they come to a stop and extend them fully while pedaling.


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