Pro Cycling Tips Everyone Can Use

Pro Cycling Tips Everyone Can Use

1: Make sure you can reach your brakes while in the drops position.

This is an easy fix! If you have small hands, or it just isn’t comfortable to reach your brakes in the drops you can have your brake levers moved farther down around the bend and your bars repositioned.  Alternatively, there are shims that move the resting position of the lever closer to the handlebar.  Making either of these changes will improve safety and comfort for riders with shorter reach hands.

2: If you drop your chain you don’t have to get off your bike to fix it!

If you find that you’ve dropped your chain mid-ride and haven’t tried fixing it without dismounting you’ll love this. Simply coast while gently pedaling and slowly shift your front derailleur away from the direction the chain has dropped. The chain should catch back onto the chain ring and away you go.  You can try this off the bike by turning your pedals with your hands. It will work the same way on the road! 

3: You can remove your rear wheel without getting covered in oil.

Before removing your rear wheel, shift to the small chain ring and smallest cog on the cassette. This will leave you with the most chain slack by having a relaxed derailleur. When you are putting your wheel back on, line up the chain over your smallest cog again and ease your wheel into the dropouts. While you may need to help push the derailleur down with your finger, you shouldn’t have to grab the chain, which will leave you oil free!

4: Eating on the Go!

If you have a hard time eating while riding, try cutting open the wrappers on your bars or snack blocks before you leave. This will let you slip them out of the wrapper easily on the go. We highly do NOT recommend doing this with your gels though!

5: Descending still feeling a little uncomfortable?

Descending can feel uncomfortable until you learn a few tricks and spend lots of time in the saddle. Speed up your descent and increase your confidence rapidly with this super simple trick! If you are descending and have corners looming ahead, place the pedal that will be on the outside of  the corner in the down position. Push hard on this pedal, putting your full body weight on it and look through the corner to where you want to go. You’ll be amazed with how much confidence this simple trick will give you once you try it!          

6: Getting Hot?

Start your preparation the night before those hot days when you’re going out on a ride.  Freeze your water bottles the night before, with one only 70% filled. You can top off the partial bottle in the morning before you head out giving you fresh water from the start. With the slow melting ice you’ll have cool refreshing water for longer on those hot, hot days.

7: Check your helmet often!

Helmet safety is important--we all know that--but are you checking your helmet regularly? Inspect for cracks, damage and general deterioration every few rides. Exposure to sun, sweat or a knock while transporting it can cause the foam to crack. If you’ve had any fall you’ll want to inspect your helmet thoroughly, too. Though your helmet is designed to crush upon impact, it needs to be in good shape and undamaged to do its job properly.

8: Eating is important!

Your body will thank you for giving it the proper fuel before, during and after your ride. You’ll be able to have a more enjoyable ride and recover faster for your next one. Remember—good nutrition during your ride is just as important as before and after!


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