Let's talk bike technology

Let's talk bike technology

Bike technology is always evolving, resulting in some exciting recent advancements. From helmets that light up to unbelievably light carbon, there is technology that you have to see to believe. The very materials bikes are made from is constantly improving, as well as the technology on the bike. As you look for the perfect gifts this holiday season, some of the latest bike technology might be the perfect answer for you. Read on for some of the advancements we're most excited about.

There is increasing tech integration between your bike and your phone and your computer. There are sensors that allow you to take training to a whole new level. We've seen advancements in security - from GPS trackers that hide in your handlebars to locks that are convenient to carry but prepared to baffle the most experienced thief. Bike lights are getting brighter and smarter - some even coming with forward laser projections to make your presence known even when you're hanging out in someone's blindspot. Carbon is getting lighter and lighter, especially with the new addition of graphene on some models. While new carbon is making road bikes lighter and lighter, we're seeing the trend of wider and wider tires on bikes ready to hit the trails. And when we're talking about bike technology, we can't forget to mention electric bikes. A true cyclist of yesteryear may have looked down his nose at electric bikes, but today's ebike is something to behold - and something even the most devoted cyclist is tempted to turn to.

Many of these new technologies make awesome gifts for the cyclist in your life, and even if we don't have it at our store, we have access to thousands of products that use amazing technologies and serve more than one purpose. Stop in today and talk tech with us!


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