Kid's Bike Activity Ideas

Kid's Bike Activity Ideas

Get your kids outside this summer

Are you hoping to pry your kids away from the screens and into the great outdoors this summer? Biking is the perfect activity! However, we know that a simple suggestion to just "go ride your bike" may not be enough to get kids outside. That's why we've come up with a list of bike activities that will have kids begging to put down their devices and head outdoors.

Build a bike car wash

Especially for your youngest riders, this activity is a sure way to become the hit of the neighborhood. Using simple materials like PVC pipe and pool noodles, you can build your own bike/trike wash that kids can ride through to cool off on a hot day. Check out this blog for instructions on how to make one for your kids!

Pool noodle bike limbo

Pool noodles are a blast in and out of the water, and is all that is needed for this fun bike activity. Not only that, but pool noodle bike limbo will teach your young rider important skills. Learning to shift your body weight around on a bike is an essential skill for all cyclists. Hold the noodle low and encourage your child to bend down to ride under the noodle. This teaches kids to dodge branches on the trail, and how to get their center of gravity low for descending hills. You can also hold the noodle high and have kids try to touch their helmet to it while riding under. This will help them practice the important skill of standing while riding.

Create a bike rodeo

If your kids are competitive, invite the neighbors over for a bike rodeo. Simply search pinterest for dozens of ideas such as paper boy (toss a rolled magazine in a basket while riding past), slow riding contest, and crazy eights.

Set up a cone course

A simple set of cones can quickly turn a "boring" bike ride into an adventure. Kids can practice zig-zagging between cones, setting up a race course, or honing in their turning skills with doing number eights around two cones.

Water balloon pop

The rule of summer is just add water. Fill up a bucket of water balloons and strategically place them to practice a certain skill. Your young rider will try to pop as many of the balloons as possible by running over them with his front wheel. This activity can help kids practice riding in a straight line if they're a beginner, or in curvy lines if they're an intermediate rider.


Up the excitement of the family bike ride by participating in geocaching. All kids love a treasure hunt! Geocaching is available in many locations including state parks, urban bike trails, and even along mountain bike paths. So pack up your bikes and get ready to find some treasure.

Odometer challenge

If your kids do well working for a reward, invest in a simple odometer for their bikes. You can challenge your kid to go a certain number of miles or see how far they can go in one hour. Offer a simple reward for each challenge they achieve. Watching those numbers climb alone may motivate your kids to keep going on longer rides.

Change the scenery

Invest in a car rack so you can take your bikes along on vacation. Sometimes a simple change of place can bring a new level of enjoyment and excitement to cycling. When choosing a camping or weekend getaway location, consider places that are bike friendly and get the whole family out for a ride.


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