It's always bike trainer time

It's always bike trainer time

Have you always hesitated to get a bike trainer because you feel like its season of use is too short? It's true, bike trainers are excellent to have on hand for staying in shape during the severe heat or the cold. But bike trainers are incredibly useful during all seasons. Check out our list of the top five reasons bike trainers are useful year round!


Reason #1: Maximize training

We're all working with limited time to work out. Bike trainers help to maximize and prioritize that time. A bike trainer allows you to hop on the bike with little preparation, and allows a continual workout without having to stop for stop lights or traffic. A bike trainer allows you to pursue highly targeted and specific intervals that will up your training regimen. It's hard to be as precise with intervals when you're riding outside.


Reason #2: Effective warm-up & cool down tool at races

If you do any racing - from a race for fun to a highly competitive race - you're going to need to warm up and you're going to need to cool down. And there's no better tool for a precise pre-race warm-up, or a safe cool down than a bike trainer.


Reason #3: Smart trainers can simulate your race

This is one of the cool features of the latest technology. You can now upload a specific race course to your trainer and face exactly what you will on race day. This is one way to get a sure leg up on your competition.


Reason #4: You're not limited by the outdoor environment

Whether it's being limited by too high of temps, rain, or hours of sunlight, there are lots of limiting factors when it comes to outdoor cycling. A trainer allows you to get your ride in regardless of the conditions - or light - outdoors.


Reason #5: Avoid distracted and/or angry drivers

Does your family worry about you when you head out for a ride? One thing that can't be denied is that the safety of your rides takes a sharp increase when you hop on a bike trainer. You don't have to worry anymore about that texting teen or the guy who had one too many drinks.


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