Ebike Maintenance Tips

Ebike Maintenance

Take care of your investment

Ebikes have grown immensely in popularity in recent years. However, many our left to wonder how best to maintain this new type of bicycle. Ebike maintenance can be intimidating due to the electrical and motor components of the bike, but it is absolutely necessary to keep your bike functioning well. There is actually quite a bit of ebike maintenance you can confidently and easily do at home. However, our service department is also always here to help!

Cleanliness is a must

Keeping your bike clean is one of the best ways to keep it running smoothly. The big wear items to pay particular attention to are the chain, brakes and tires. Anytime your bike is dirty, it's best to give it a hose down before storing it. Simply be careful not to hit more delicate components with high pressure water, and do your best to clean off any caked on dirt. Wipe down the frame, and make sure the chain is clean and dry.

Take the time for deep cleaning

While a quick clean is recommended after every ride, a deep clean every few weeks will keep your bike in excellent condition. Look closely for dirt stuck in the derailleur and in all the nooks and crannies around the wheels. Clean the chain and re-lube it. At the end of this cleaning session the frame should end up genuinely sparkly. We have multiple cleaners and tools that can help with this process. While cleaning, also take the time to check your tires. Look for cuts and signs of excessive wear, even if the tires are still holding air.

Maximize your battery life

Topping off the battery is not a bad thing, and in fact is recommended, on an bike. Whenever an outlet is available, charge your battery so you can make sure you have a full charge on your next ride. However, if you are planning to store your bike long term, a 30-60% charge is recommended. Cold temps ca quickly drain a lithium ion battery, so you will want to store the battery or the bike in a warm location as the temperatures drop outside. If you're trying to stretch the battery on a ride, remember to switch your bike to eco mode. Also consider your reducing your speed to reduce wind resistance if you just need the battery to make it a little bit further.

Keep an ear alert while riding

A well maintained bike is generally a quiet bike. Pay attention to the way your bike is performing while riding it. This is especially important when it comes to electric bikes as there is more force placed on the components with an electric bike. When riding you want to be listening for any strange sound effects. One of the first, obvious signs that something is off is extra noise from a bike. Is there something that's rattling? Is the chain making noise? What about the brakes - are they squealing?

Schedule periodic maintenance

Even if you are meticulous about cleaning and lubing your bike, it will still require periodic maintenance. This maintenance includes adjusting and inspecting all the major systems. The gear cables should get an adjustment and may need replacement. In addition, the brake pads and rotors should be thoroughly checked and the system bled if deemed necessary. Make sure the chain is checked for wear and possibly replaced. Check that the cassette is in good working order, too. It's important to look for movement or noise in the bottom bracket and service as necessary.

Be quick to fix

Little problems can turn into big problems if unattended to. This is even more true on an electric bike because the forces involved are higher. Brakes pads are inexpensive but rotors aren't. A chain is an inexpensive part, but a worn chain will wear down the entire drivetrain (chainrings and cassette), which is another costly replacement. Keeping your bike clean and properly maintained will help you avoid costly repairs.

Information found on cyclingnews.com.


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