Cycling accessories make riding more fun

Cycling accessories to make riding more fun

Riding season is in full swing and we have just the right cycling accessories to add just a bit more enjoyment to each of your rides. From the right clothing - well fit bike shorts to gel gloves for comfort to the right equipment - clipless pedals & shoes for going the distance and computers to track the distance - we've got everything you need in stock. And as the temperatures rise, don't forget to check out our insulated water bottles to keep you cool and hydrated.

Best Summer Cycling Accessories

  1. Jerseys with a high UPF rating. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which means your jersey protects you from harmful sun rays.
  2. Shorts built for the heat. Look for lighter materials and mesh leg grippers (as opposed to elastic) that will help keep you cool.
  3. Lightweight wind vest. Summer mornings can be cool - look for a vest that will keep your core warm in the early morning, but not add weight when you're carrying it later.
  4. Arm coolers. Protect your arms - look for high SPF/UPF ratings.
  5. Moisture wicking gloves. Nothing is worse than sticky, sweaty gloves. Look for summer gloves with materials that will wick away the moisture.
  6. Quality sunglasses. Protect your eyes on bright sunny summer days. Pay attention to the weight of the sunglasses!
  7. Lightweight & well ventilated helmet. Your head plays a big role in temperature regulation - make sure your helmet has adequate ventilation for the heat!
  8. Ultra-light riding cap. Once again, look for moisture wicking fabric here.
  9. Light & breathable shoes. Your winter cycling shoes won't cut it in summer. Look for mesh fabrics that allow your feet to breathe.
  10. Insulated water bottle. This one is a must when it comes to summer cycling accessories. Hydration is key and there's nothing better than cold hydration on a hot day!


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