Correcting Cycling Misconceptions

Common Cycling Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

There are some common cycling misconceptions floating around and we're here to correct them today. We've encountered these 5 misconceptions in our shop, in conversation with our friends, and heard them proclaimed in our community. It's time to set the record straight!

Isn't cycling a ridiculously expensive hobby?

Don't get us wrong, there are some very expensive bikes out there. However, there are also many quality bikes at a very reasonable price! It is quite possible to pick up a cycling hobby without breaking the bank. For example, let's say you invest in a $600 bike. If you ride that bike roughly 1/3 of the days of the year that's 120 days. That means that in the first year of use, you paid $5 for each ride. $5 is less than the fare on a lot of public transportation - and your bike is yours to keep! If you use your bike for multiple years, which most of us do, that price per ride only goes down.

You should lube your bike with WD-40

We see this all the time in the shop. People spray WD-40 on their chain expecting a lubricant. However, WD-40 is not a lubricant. It's a "penetrating oil and water displacement spray" that can do more damage than good to your bike. At first it may temporarily lubricate your chain, but that temporary fix will not last. Instead it will gunk up the chain and leave a dirty glob of mess on it. WD-40 actually has a bike specific product line - use that or one of the great lubes we stand behind in our shop.

Women should only ride women's bikes

Does your bike know your gender? We didn't think so. When it comes to purchasing a bike, purchase what works for you regardless of the gender it may have been intended for. Don't judge the bike, judge the ride. People tend to view step-through bikes as a ladies bike, but they can work great for a guy as well. Find the bike that suits you, and then let us help you make sure you get the right bike fit.

Doesn't cycling give you thick thighs?

If you're specifically training to be a sprinter, yes, your thighs will likely get thicker. However, this is because sprinters lift weights with their thighs to purposefully build muscle to help with sprinting. This leg thickening happens in the gym, not on the bike. Any other form of cycling should tone your legs and build muscle endurance, not tree trunk thighs.

Roads were built for cars

Did you know that there was a "League of American Wheelman" (currently known as the League of American Bicyclists) that was came together in 1880 to push states to fund paved roads so they could cycle safely? In fact, the man known as the "Father of Good Roads" who created the State Highway Commission (Horatio Earle) was the president of the League of American Wheelman. So it turns out roads were actually paved for cyclists - not cars. In other words, get over and make some room.


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