Busting Common Bike Fit Myths

Busting Bike Fit Myths

The seasons are changing and the dust is being wiped off your bike. Soon, you'll be headed off on your inaugural spring ride - which unfortunately for many means you'll be welcoming your inaugural aches and pains. Make sure you're in top riding shape this spring with a professional bike fit. Think you don't need a bike fit? Read through some of the common bike fit myths - and then make your appointment today!

Myth #1: I only need a bike fit if I just got a new bike or if I'm really uncomfortable.

Your body is not static, therefore your bike fit is not static. As your fitness level, flexibility, strength and weight fluctuates, so does your fit. It is recommended that you get a bike fit at least once a year. This is important for injury prevention and optimizing your performance.

Myth #2: I've got an upcoming event - I don't want a fit to mess with my performance.

A fit can help ensure you perform your best at an event. An experienced bike fitter will make key adjustments without major changes to enhance your performance.

Myth #3: If I lower my stem as low as possible, I will be more aero.

This is why you should leave bike fitting to the pros. Being hunched over can actually hinder your performance. A bike fit uses a scientific formula to determine at what angle your hips should be before you start losing power on your bike. Our professional bike fitters will help you determine if you need to lower your stem.

Myth #4: My lower back is hurting so I probably should raise my handlebars.

Raising the handlebars to deal with back pain is another common self-remedy we see. However, without a full understanding of bike fit, these self-remedies can often not only solve current issues, but cause other issues to arise as well. In some cases, raising the handlebars can actually create more pressure on your lower back.

Myth #5: My hands are going numb - I must need a new pair of gloves.

Numbness in your hands can sometimes be helped by a new set of gloves, however this problem is often related to a fit issue. A proper fit will reduce the pressure on your arms, and may suggest a new handlebar to better suit you and your riding style.

Myth #6: I should buy a bike and then be fit to it.

False. Simply false. You will end up wit a bike much better suited to you if you go for a bike fit first, and then use those measurements to guide your next bike purchase. Depending on your riding style, your flexibility, fit measurements, and budget, we can help direct you to a bike that would work well for you.

Myth #7: Bike fitting is too expensive.

Some people find it difficult to fork out the money for a bike fit - let's be honest, new gear can be far more exciting. However, compared to the cost of a lot of cycling gear and bikes, the cost of a fit is minimal. However, the impact it will have on your enjoyment of all those expensive toys is far from minimal.

Myth #8: I'm only uncomfortable riding long distances. Maybe I should just ride short distances.

With a good bike fit, riding long distances should be enjoyable. A bike fit helps ensure that both your comfort and performance are optimized for the long haul. If you can't go the distance, it's probably time for a bike fitting.


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