Affordable Bike Upgrades

Affordable Bike Upgrades

Make your bike feel like new

A new bike can be extraordinarily expensive - and these days, near impossible to find. However, it is possible to transform your bike and make it feel like new. A few affordable bike upgrades and have a significant impact on your experience on the bike. Read on to learn how you can boost the efficiency, comfort and style of your bike.

New Tires

Tires are an often overlooked component to the bike, but that is literally where the rubber meets the road. If you haven't in awhile, it's time to give your tire a close inspection. Check to see if there are any cracks in the sidewalls, and examine the tread to ensure it's not worn down. Check for cuts and tears from riding over debris. New tires up your safety and security on the bike, increasing grip and the smoothness of your ride.

Bike Fit

Yes, technically a bike fit isn't an upgrade. However, a bike fit might be your best investment if your goal is increased comfort on your bike. A bike fit can dial in exactly what will be the most cost-efficient way to increase both your efficiency and comfort on the bike. It can also help you make sure your upgrades are installed for optimum comfort and position. A bike fit may reveal that a different saddle or a new set of bars will make a world of difference for you.

Bottle Cages

When it comes to affordability, this upgrade tops the list - but it can also make a dramatic difference. Are you still using a metal bottle cage? Replace it with a much lighter and flexible plastic bottle cage that will make removing your water bottle far easier. Even better, they come in a wide range of colors to up the style on your bike.


If you haven't tried them yet, now is the time to give clipless pedals a shot. Not only will you save on weight, but you will also pedal more efficiently. They will take practice to get used to; however, in the long run they will improve your bike handling and confidence.


A comfortable saddle is one of the primary factors in the overall comfort of your bike. However, comfort doesn't necessarily equate with extra padding. A comfortable saddle is all about how your sit bones are supported. A bike fit can help you measure your sit bones and find a saddle that will support you in the all the right (and not the wrong) places.

Bar Tape

Replacing your bar tape will not only improve the feel of your bars, but it can also up the style factor of your bike. This is a relatively cheap investment with a wide range of options available. You will want to feel the different materials and thickness in person before you make a decision.


Once again, a tune-up is not a traditional upgrade. However, getting your bike tuned at a professional bike shop can help you know just what needs to be addressed on your bike. We can help get your bike riding and shifting properly, which leads to greater comfort and safety for you. We can also tell you if anything is broken, worn down, and needs replacing. When you're looking to make upgrades, a tune-up is a great place to start.


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