10 Weird and Wonderful Bike Inventions

Takoma Bicycle's 10 Weird and Wonderful Bike Inventions

Celebrating Bike Inventions

At Takoma Bicycle we're all about celebrating the creativity and ingenuity (and sometimes downright hilarity) of cyclists. You may find it hard to believe the following bike inventions exist (so did we) - and you might even be inspired to create your OWN bike inventions. Which one is your favorite? Which do you wish you had?

Rocking chair bike#1 The Rocking Chair Bike

Take the comfort of a rocking chair, and put it on wheels. Crazy or brilliant bike invention? I guess we'd have to try it out to know for sure, but something tells us this one might be a bit awkward to use. We'll stick to our standard selection of comfort bikes for now.

Bamboo Bike#2 The Bamboo Bike

Bamboo may seem like an unconventional material for a bike, but this creativity arose out of a charitable project in Ghana. The design has since been refined by Max Schay and now is sold as "My-boo" bikes. The bikes are still handmade in Ghana, and then finishing touches are added in Germany. Did you notice what's written on it? Hakuna Matata - it means no worries, friends.

plastic elastic forks#3 Plastic Elastic Forks

Plastic elastic front forks? Yep, we're shaking our heads too. Made by the Icelandic company, Lauf, these forks are an attempt to provide something lightweight for cross country and marathon riding, where heavy shock absorbers may be undesirable. If you would rather leave this bike invention in the weird category, go ahead and stop in to check out our wide selection of forks.

Pedal Handles#4 Pedal Handles

We've all seen bikes with pedal handles. And of course we've seen a bike with foot pedals. But a bike with hand AND foot pedals? Now that's an interesting idea. We're not quite sure how well steering would work on this bike invention. Can you imagine pedaling and steering with your hands at the same time? Yep, neither can we.

Triangle Bike#5 Triangle Bike

This triangle bike may look quite odd. In fact, you may be asking, what on earth would motivate that invention? Well, attempting to take a bike on the tube, apparently. British designers created this bike with the goal of making a small folding bike that could easily be taken on public transportation. But having a top tube sticking up between your legs? That would take some getting used to. For a more traditional framed bike that also folds well for public transportation, check out the Giant Expressway or a similar folding bike.

Bike Train#6 Bike Train

Here's an invention for you parents out there. Ever feel like you have a lot to carry with you? Enter the bike train to the rescue. Or for those of you who like to tour by bike. Now you finally have a way to pack up your hair dryer and your personal library and your...well, and whatever else you want to take with you. The bonus is the extra workout with all that weight you're pulling.

Mountain Tandem Bike#7 Mountain Tandem Bike

Tandem bikes are great for traveling down the boulevard with the one you love. However, with this bike apparently you could go ripping down a single track with the one you love. This tandem comes outfitted with disc brakes and front fork suspension to take you to places you never imagined you'd go in tandem. Good luck talking you wife into it.

Electric Chariot#8 The Electric Chariot

Now this is an invention we can get behind. This bike was designed in Taiwan to help those with disabilities to travel by bike. The bike can be pedaled by hand cranks, or be propelled by the powerful electric motor. Have you tried electric bikes yet? An electric bike might just turn your impossible commute into possible.

Bike Beer Holder#9 The Bike Beer Holder

We've got plenty of cages for water bottles. But a beer carrier? That's a dangerously brilliant idea. As long as said beer is to be enjoyed after the ride at one's destination, we're totally behind this bike invention.

bike wheel with springs inside#10 The Wheel with springs inside

Leave it to the British. The British developer Sam Pearce, after seeing a large stroller with industrial grade shock absorbers, had the grand idea to put suspension INSIDE the wheel. These shock absorbing wheels, called "loopwheels," are being used to give a smoother ride on wheelchairs and folding bikes. There are plans in the works to create a mountain bike wheel as well. Stop in to check out our wide selection (although not featuring the loopwheel YET) of wheels to find the perfect fit for your riding style.
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